Welcome to my children's book illustration portfolio!

I love making art for children, and my portfolio is a collection of the pieces I'm most proud of. Hopefully you'll love these colourful children's book characters and scenes as much as I do.

About my children's book illustrations

When I create my illustrations, I am always thinking about who will see it, how the audience will react, and whether the image is effective in telling a story. I guess that's why you hire a children's book illustrator!

In my earliest books I used traditional mediums such as watercolour and ink, but now I use digital mediums such as Procreate and Adobe Illustrator. I find I can achieve a more intense colour palette as well as a more polished finished product. 

Most of my inspiration from day to day comes from my surroundings in the natural world as well as my faith. I love a good walk in nature, or a day spent relaxing with my family in the garden.

I find that the moments that mean the most to me are the ones that seem to pass by unnoticed, the simple pleasures of being alive, sharing life with people I love. In my illustration I like to work around concepts such as love, friendship, empathy, feelings and beauty.

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