Check out the illustrated children's books I've worked on!

I love creating art for children- even better when it's wrapped up inside of a picture book! There are few things I enjoy more than illustrating stories, which are brought to life by lively children's book characters!

illustration of orange cat sitting on pile of books

Bills to Pay


By Sam Frith

Basil is set for a busy day because he has lots of Bills to pay! Follow along as he bumbles around town and learns how even the most normal bird can save the day.

This is a story for children aged 4-8, and it touches on themes including kindness, empathy, financial education, and supporting local business.

The Funky Peacock

By David Anderson AKA Pep the Poet

"44 pages full of cheeky but adorable characters that spring into life, once the pages are open. You’ll meet for the first time, Oisin the Centipede from Dublin, Ireland, Fiona the lovesick robot, Lizzy the Dung Beetle, the Rapping Bubbles and who could forget to mention Billy Bartholomew Bicycle?"

This was the first poetry book I've illustrated, and I would like to say that it won't be the last. I enjoyed every minute of working with David to bring his hilariously funny poems to life.


Music Town: Come Together

By John Fisher BEM

"There's no harmony in Music Town. The children of Music Town learn, through a song, how to COME TOGETHER and blend their hearts and voices to become one."

I illustrated this story digitally from start to finish using Procreate on my iPad. It sped up the process significantly, and meant I could make edits based on John's feedback quickly.

Imagine Colouring Book


With Swindon City of Sanctuary

This project was different than most of my others in that I wasn't illustrating a story. I worked with Swindon City of Sanctuary to create a colouring book for children, as part of the activities to mark Refugee Week 2020.

The colouring book is free to download as a PDF, or you can order copy printed by a local printer in Swindon - delivered to your door.

Ricky, Buddy & Marshall: Pranks, Mischief, Adventure

By Marshall Anderson

This story is a collection of (mostly) true stories about the mischief Marshall and his friends got up to when they were kids. 

I created black and white illustrations with ink, and then I enhanced them digitally in Adobe Illustrator. Marshall formatted the book himself.


Worm McWorm & The Decomposers

By Nick Nichols

This story is about how decomposition works, and is aimed to help educate children about keeping soil healthy. It was shared with schools in Wisconsin, teaching them about how to lead a more sustainable life through composting.

The colourful illustrations and children's book characters were created with watercolour and ink, before being enhanced digitally in Adobe Photoshop.

About my illustrated children's books

What I love about so many children’s books is the simple delivery of often very profound and complex concepts like love, friendship, and empathy. I always work to create images that are fun, effective, and relatively simple in the message they send.

The children's book characters I design are family-friendly, endearing, and fun for kids of all ages. What I desire is for children to be able to see parts of themselves in my characters, regardless of their gender, age, or the plot line of the story.

Moving forward I see myself creating books for children to read that explore and define emotional wellness, empathy, and mental health as I feel these are topics relevant to children across the globe right now.