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A Little Bit of Everything

In The Name of Valentine’s Day

I think Valentine’s Day is a cute holiday so I decided to make a little illustration to celebrate.

Story time: In October 2023 my husband and I moved out of our house and into a penthouse apartment. Just outside the window of our home office we have a huge oak tree. And on this oak tree we have a pair of pigeons who visit regularly.

I get that pigeons are controversial animals because they tend to poo everywhere and are generally considered pests.

HOWEVER, I think we can all agree that pigeons, when they are not pooing or destroying the garden, are actually adorable. Especially when they’re fluffed up, cuddled tight, and sleeping. Yes? I rest my case.

I hope you had a lovely Valentine’s Day <3

Make it Grow Publication Day

In case you missed it, Make it Grow was officially published on February 9th for the world to see! The response to the book so far has been really really lovely. Projects like this are what my dreams are made of and I’m feeling so thankful.

Richard’s way of explaining Biblical truths through God’s creation is astounding. The projects, lessons, and prayers are perfect for young minds.

I will be demonstrating one of the garden projects myself on Instagram & Facebook to hopefully inspire you to buy your own copy and follow along! It is entertainment for the whole family - entertainment that is also good for the environment. WIN - WIN!

If you’d like to check it out, you can find it on Amazon HERE.

Leicester Comedy Festival

My husband, Sam, and I we attended 6 shows throughout the Leicester Comedy Festival this year. Our favourite event was the Harry and Chris Show- absolutely hilarious and oddly enough, heartwarming? You can find them on the socials if you’re curious -

We saw Tom Houghton, mostly because he appeared on one of our favourite tv shows from a couple years ago - The Circle. We also saw Abi Clarke - a tik tok star turned comedian. I can’t tell you how strange it is to see a social media star in real life…but she made us laugh so we enjoyed it!

Another noteworthy performance came from a group called Rhymes Against Humanity - an improvised musical with songs, dance, and musical numbers. They were very impressive and also had me and Sam roaring.

Laughter is truly good for the soul. And benefitting from the time, effort, and talent that goes into live performances always leaves me in awe. I have a feeling I will be finding my way to shows a lot more often in 2024 than I ever have before.

Career Day in Cuba City, Wisconsin

One of my old friends from the art program at UW- La Crosse teaches high school art in Southern Wisconsin and she invited me to share about my career as an illustrator.

I’ve been on a couple school visits in the past, but this was my first visit with high schoolers. Teenagers usually tend to be more reserved than elementary school children, but I find it exciting chatting with young adults who are actively exploring creative career paths.

I loved the visit - sharing my personal journey with students and answering questions is one of my favourite ways to share my love for art and illustration with the world around me. I’m hoping school visits become a more regular part of my schedule as I continue down this creative path.

So, if anyone knows of teachers looking for an illustrator to visit their classroom (virtually), let me know!!

I Am Devotional Book

Just a little update - the illustrations for my author/illustrator debut are being polished for print. Yay!

Seeing the coloured illustrations come together is like seeing little glimpses of what this book will be like when it’s printed and published. And I can’t wait.

This may be the last update I give until I have a publication date to share with you. Watch this space ;)

A Farewell

If you’re been following me for awhile you already know my inbox is open to you. If you’d like to chat about a project you have in mind, a project I’ve mentioned, or just chat for fun, don’t hesitate to reach out.

I look forward to hearing from you.

with love,



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