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Prizes, Portraits, Holidays & a BOOK REVEAL!

February has showed up with prizes, portraits, unexpected Scottish holidays, and a BOOK REVEAL!

It’s always a good day when sunset is at 5pm rather than 3:45pm! I am savouring the extra sunlight as we move into Spring and I hope you are too.


At the start of this month I entered Tim Budgen’s DTIYS (draw this in your style) challenge in celebration of his newest picture book- 20 Bunnies at Bedtime (you can find the book HERE).

Because I participated in the DTIYS, not only did I have an enjoyable time, but I was entered into a giveaway for 20 Bunnies at Bedtime. And I won!! I love a good giveaway & it’s always fun to win a beautiful book. Thanks, Tim!

This was my entry!


Portrait Commissions Update

I have opened a tab on my website specifically dedicated to portrait commissions! I have discovered my favourite portraits are ones which I’ve done in my children’s book style.

Lucky for you, having your face (or family) turned into a children’s book character just got a whole lot easier!

If you fancy a little portrait for personal or professional use- head this way.


A Scottish Holiday!

Earlier this week I jumped on a train to the Cairngorms in Scotland with a friend. It was my first time in Scotland & I am obsessed. The Scottish accent may be the greatest accent out there.

The wild outdoors is almost overwhelming for me because I feel overcome by the visual inspiration. The vivid colours in vegetation, the expanse of the sky and cloud formations, the textures in the earth- it all makes me want to run to my sketchbook and document everything.

Needless to say, it was a beautiful time away and I have returned to work feeling refreshed.



Now, for the big book reveal…

Tell Me A Story written by KH Meyers and illustrated by me is now available for pre-order!!

This is my second collaboration with KH Meyers and it was a pleasure working with him again to bring this story and these fun characters to life. When two siblings beg their grandad to tell them a bedtime story thats NEVER been told before, an epic adventure ensues! What story will he tell?

This adventurous story is both exciting and pleasantly heartwarming. It’s perfect for children age 3-7.

“KH Meyers is a master of words and rhyme. The story flows effortlessly and the illustrations will trigger children’s imaginations.” Judy Smith,

To pre-order, visit KH Meyer’s website, HERE.

If you’d like to hear more about anything I’ve mentioned or just have a chat, feel free to reach out! My inbox is open to you. :)

With love,



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