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So. Much. Illustration.

Let me tell you all about it.

It’s The Monkeys Again

It is with great excitement that I can reveal the cover of No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed! (and other things the doctor NEVER said). It is ALMOST available for pre-order, but while you wait you can visit the book’s website:

Illustrating this story for author, Rudi Gesch has been so much fun. These little “monkeys” love jumping and maybe…just maybe…they should be allowed to jump!

I’ve learned so much about risky play through this book and I’ve become a big fan of Dr. Peter Gray. If you don’t know what risky play is, or who Dr. Peter Gray is, here’s a link to check out:

So, if you have energetic little ones exploring the world and pushing limits, this could just be the perfect book for you.

On social media, Rudi is running a facebook and instagram page called @nomoremonkeysbook. It is a brilliant place to find information about risky play and be encouraged by others who are exploring these ideas too. Not to mention one of Rudi’s reels went VIRAL and he’s gotten MILLIONS of views on his posts!

Here’s the link for Facebook:

Here’s the link for Instagram:

The Gardening Book

And just when I started to think the perfect project didn't exist, I found out…IT DOES.

Make it Grow is a book of garden projects, prayers, and fun facts to help children care for the planet. This book is near and dear to my heart because I see so much of God’s beauty and love through nature.

It’s been such a pleasure to illustrate these short devotionals over the past few months. This project has also given me an excuse to spend copious amounts of time in my own garden, observing my plants, watching things change, and enjoying the blooms when they come.

The Earth truly does declare the glory of God and I feel honoured to have been entrusted to make the artwork in this book.

Designing Characters For The Baboon Book

No, the title of the book is not “The Baboon Book”, but it has loads of baboons in it, so it will be called “The Baboon Book” for now.

I’m in the character design phase of develop for this humorous picture book and I’m loving this phase. One of my favourite things about picture book illustration is “finding” the characters that will make the story memorable.

I also enjoy this phase because there’s no pressure to polish illustrations or get things perfect. It’s all about sketching, posing, and carving away at characters until they come alive.

Hopefully I’ll find them soon!

Trip To The USA

In and amongst the books I’ve been working on was a trip to the USA to visit my family, attend weddings, and relax.

On these holidays I try to step away from the day to day work I do as an illustrator (although I did need to work a bit). And by stepping away I feel my creativity flow in different ways- ways that I usually don’t have time for like cooking complex meals and rearranging my interior spaces.

I feel so thankful for this time. I especially feel thankful for the friends and family who make it so easy to pick up where we left off.

Back In The UK

I’ve been back in the UK for a few weeks now. I’m getting use to my self-imposed 9-5 schedule again.

If you’d like to chat with me about a project or talk about one I’ve mentioned, please don’t hesitate to reach out :)

With love,



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