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Nice ideas & a lot to do

Hitting the ground running and loving it. Planning, playing, and p...illustrating

Unlike last year, this year I have hit the ground running!

After two weeks away over Christmas I felt ready to get back to work. I absolutely love holiday, but my work routine gives my life the structure I often miss when I travel. And, it helps I was looking forward to a lot of exciting things in 2024!

A Planning Party

There is a group that goes by the name of The Good Ship Illustration - a wonderful group that hosts illustration courses, art nights, and random goodness. This year I joined the annual Good Ship planning party - and it was grand.

Apparently people who write their goals out, stick them on the wall, and look at them every day are more successful. I have no idea if there’s any science behind that claim. However, it was fun to sit down and put together a few lists of things I love and what I’d like to focus on in 2024.

We won’t call these goals, we’ll call them *nice ideas* for 2024. (Less pressure. Thanks good ship!)

So here are some of my nice ideas for 2024:

  1. Make more artwork that feels like it comes from my heart- take time to draw my ideas and feelings more often

  2. Properly rest for one full day a week - I’m talking a whole 24 hours with NO work. Sabbath

  3. Spend more time outside, walking, exploring, hiking & seeing the wonders of the great outdoors

  4. More of the weird and wonderful stuff - laughing, time with friends, experiences

Do you have any nice ideas for 2024?

So, I bought myself a little present

In college I studied fine art with an emphasis in painting. One of my favourite mediums was (and still is) watercolours. They were my happy place in the painting studio.

However, since I started illustrating digitally, I’ve barely touched my watercolour paints. It’s a real shame. BUT THEN, I came across some realistic digital watercolour brushes - a dream come true!!

I’ve been getting acquainted with digital watercolours, which will never be the same as working traditionally, but it has been so fun getting back into it.

If you create artwork digitally AND love watercolours, consider trying these brushes. I’ve personally loved using them. Link here.

I Am

Big strides are being made with the children’s devotional I’ve been writing and illustrating. I’ve officially sent the rough draft of the manuscript off to the publishing house for the editorial process.

After revising it 3 times myself, asking friends and family to give feedback, revising it again, and praying like crazy I have come to a significant realisation. Writing is easy. I could write all day long. HOWEVER, writing *well* is hard. And very exhausting. For someone who communicates predominantly with pictures, this process has stretched and taught me so much.

Although I have a deeper understanding and appreciation of the work that goes into writing, I can’t lie, I’m looking forward to getting back to the illustration side of this project- my beautiful, lovely, wonderful comfort zone.

Here’s a snippet of the writing:

I am your example.
Colossians 3:13 "Do not be angry with each other, but forgive each other. If someone does wrong to you, then forgive him. Forgive each other because the Lord forgave you."
If a person wants to become a professional football player, they will probably look at other professional football players as examples and imitate what they do.
If we want to live a life that honours God, we should follow Jesus’ example and imitate him. Jesus loved and forgave everyone, even the people who did bad things to him. Jesus even forgave the Roman soldiers who killed him!
If we let go of our angry feelings and forgive the people who hurt us, we are following Jesus’ example. If God forgives all the bad things we do, we should also forgive the bad things others do- even when its hard!
Dear God, thank you that Jesus is a perfect example of how to live life. Help me to forgive others just like Jesus forgives me. Amen.
Have you ever forgiven someone? Was it hard or easy to forgive them? 
Why is it sometimes hard to forgive people who do bad things to us?
Have you ever followed someone’s example? (A friend, celebrity, family member?)  
Why should we forgive others?  

Where Does all the Bubblegum go?

Does anyone remember a book called Where does all the Bubblegum Go? I mentioned it last summer and then stopped talking about it… Well, after a long break (my client got married and went on honeymoon), progress is being made again!

This story of the life of a piece of bubblegum will definitely make you laugh. And, oddly enough, you’ll probably never look at a baboon the same way again. Prepare yourselves for some serious ridiculousness.

At the moment, my clients and I are working out the cover design together. I’m expecting I will be able to reveal the design for your viewing pleasure by the time the February newsletter goes out. Yay!

Make it Grow is Finally Being Released!

OH SNAP. Make it Grow, written by Richard Littledale, illustrated by me, and published by Authentic Media is officially being released on February 9th!!

I’m so excited for this book to be out in the world. I hope it comes as a blessing to loads of children, their families, and the environment around them. I know I’ll be trying some of the activities in the book and if any of you try them I would love to hear about your experience.

In other gardening news, I spent Sunday afternoon in the garden- my first gardening session of 2024. Everyone always says there’s nothing to do during the winter months but I strongly disagree. There’s LOADS to do. I found a caterpillar to photograph. I also found cat vomit to clean up. You really do learn to take the good with the bad in gardening.

Anyways, if anyone knows how to eradicate slugs in a non-toxic way, I’d like to hear from you. ASAP.

As always, thank you for joining me on this illustration journey. If you’d like to chat about a project or chat just for fun, my inbox is open to you. I hope you have a fabulous February.

With love,



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