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October was a bit of a thrill!

A cover reveal, a book in the wild, and now I’m an author?

Make it Grow!

Okay okay okay, MAKE IT GROW written by Richard Littledale and published by Authentic Media is available to pre-order now on Amazon! It is set to be released on February 9th, 2024.

I’ve been waiting to share this news until I could officially share the cover with you- and HERE IT IS!

I worked on these illustrations over the summer when my garden was in bloom and so I found every excuse to sit outside while drawing.

The mini garden projects, prayers, and bible verses found in this book are soothing and encouraging. Absolutely perfect for teaching young children about the planet while also talking about how good God is.

If you’d like to pre-order the book, you can do so HERE :)

No More Monkeys JUMPING On The Bed!

No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed is now being sold, shipped, and ENJOYED by countless little monkeys all across the USA!

Author, Rudi Gesch, is keeping us all updated through Instagram and Facebook with customer reviews, adorable photos, and snippets of advice from leading childrens psychologists.

Next month I’m planning a special edition of this newsletter to show you how I illustrated this book alongside Rudi, talking about the roadblocks we faced, and how we eventually produced a colourful picture book!

If you’re interested in owning your own copy of this book (which I really hope you are haha) you can check it out on Amazon HERE, or head over to Rudi’s website to learn more about the heart behind the book.

The “I Am” Book

If you’re an avid reader of this riveting newsletter, you may remember I signed a publishing deal with Authentic Media, a UK based publishing house, back in May.

The deal involved creating a 90 day devotional book for children (ages 7-11) which explains who God is and what he does in our lives through “I Am…” statements. For example, “I am your defender.” Or “I am your friend.”

Well, the book is under way and progress is being made. The exciting (and terrifying) news is that I’m illustrating AND writing this book! This is a first for me and I’m working my way through the writing cautiously. I have SO much respect for children’s authors- seriously, if you’re a children’s book author and you’re reading this, you are amazing.

I’m hoping to get the bulk of the work done before the end of the year, soooo if I’m a bit reclusive, this is definitely the reason why.

This project is so close to my heart and I look forward to sharing more updates with you as I progress. Also…pray for me.


The lovely thing about freelancing is that the work varies widely from week to week.

Apart from the books, which is what I’m usually working on, I’ve turned my attention to several smaller projects for individuals and charities.

In all honesty, these smaller projects usually get overlooked in my newsletters to make way for more “exciting” news. But, here are a few I’ve been working on lately!

A save the date, wine&cheese invite, and christmas card for Faith Missions, as well as a house portrait for some friends who are moving soon.


Our Airbnb had its FIRST official guests THIS week!

It’s a surreal and very proud moment for me and my husband. I don’t think we’ve ever researched bedding, paint, shampoo, etc. so much in all our lives- and we’re very glad we did! Now when we stay in a hotel or an Airbnb, we are so much more aware of our surroundings and how much effort goes into every little detail.

With a massive sigh of relief, I still can’t believe we’ve turned our home into an Airbnb. As tiring as it was, it’s been very rewarding and we hope our home will host beautiful memories for many people- we’re dying to see some reviews haha

If you fancy a stay in Leicester or just feel curious, here’s the LINK to our home on Airbnb. Let me know what you think!

Until Next Time…

Wishing you a lovely November.

With love,



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